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Remember Grenfell: Virtual service marks the third anniversary of the Grenfell disaster

To mark the third anniversary of the Grenfell Tower disaster, Grenfell United paid tribute to the 72 that lost their lives through a live virtual service.

On the 14th of June, 2017, several people lost their lives and homes to a devastating fire that hit the Grenfell Tower block in west London.

Grenfell United was formed to support the wider community and to campaign for justice and change.

The memorial service started off with a live video at 6pm on Grenfell United's YouTube Channel. Family of the victims and survivors of Grenfell, alongside viewers from across the world take part in a minute of silence.

This was then followed by moving speeches from members of Grenfell United, survivors of the fire, religious leaders and community representatives.

Ed Daffarn, Grenfell United Committe Member made an emotive speech saying, "Three years on from Grenfell we have three main aims, truth, justice and change.

"Truth will come to us through the public injury, a public injury that has been repeatedly delayed the actions of the corporate core participants. Who on one hand tell us that they are determined to cooperate fully, that they are innocent and that they grieve with us for our loss.

"And yet on the other hand on the eve of the start of phase two, they implement their privilege to the right of non-self incrimination. Holding up the injury for months on end, delaying our right to justice and to truth."

Daffarn added, "If we're seeking change, we're seeking change that will see this dangerous cladding removed from the four-hundred and sixty-eight buildings that it still remains on.

"Change that will see a change of culture inside the construction industry and inside social housing. We need to see the implementation of the recommendations of phase one, from Sir Martin Moore-Bick phase one report."

This speech comes after the government failed their deadline, to remove cladding from all tower blocks putting more lives at risk. Official figures show that many residential and publicly-owned buildings still have the same aluminium composite material (ACM) cladding that covered Grenfell.

The virtual service was also joined by Adele, Stormzy, Dave and the mayor of London Sadiq Khan who dedicated speeches commemorating the 72 lives that were lost.

The Grime star artist Stormzy said: "To all the people of Grenfell, we are still mourning with you. We ain't forgotten you, we love you, we're here for you."

After the 1hr and 45 minute memorial service, the video showed a live video of green balloons being released in the air next to the Grenfell Tower block.

Grenfell United later took to their Instagram account, with live conversations with the Grenfell community, supporters and guests.

The service ended at 10:30pm with 'Go Green for Grenfell', where viewers light up their room with a green screen provided by Grenfell United.

From last night's service, it is clear Grenfell United has not forgotten their loved ones and will continue to get justice for the 72 that lost their lives.


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