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Operation Family Feed Jamaica

Since the recent turbulent times brought on by the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. Some reports coming out of Jamaica, have highlighted the problems facing low and non-income families to access basic food items. Jamaica is a third world country and unlike first world countries will struggle to provide the necessary social, economical and medical response to meet this challenge.

It is our hope that the Jamaican diaspora and friends of Jamaica will respond generously with their contributions to alleviate the burden of these families. I know that for all of us these are challenging times, however I encourage you not to get weary in doing well. “Operation Family Feed” is a fundraising activity from the UK with the single aim of delivering basic food items to low income/non income families in Jamaica. This we hope will cover a period of at least 4 months serving a minimum of 1,500 families across rural areas and the capital. As I believe no family should go hungry at a time like this.

Your donation will serve to purchase food items that will be distributed across the island.

Go to the Go Fund Me Page to give



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