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Morocco's king denounces 'methodical attacks' on his country

The King of Morocco, Mohammed VI, denounced in a speech "methodical attacks" against his country "by certain countries and organizations known to be hostile", which he did not name.

Morocco, like a few Arab Maghreb international locations, is going through planned and premeditated aggression. Clinging to out of date issues, the enemies of the kingdom's territorial integrity do not need Morocco to stay the unfastened, sturdy and influential nation it has usually been," he said.

This handout picture provided by the Moroccan Royal Palace on December 3, 2018 shows Morocco’s King Mohamed VI (L) visiting Gabon’s President Ali Bongo at the military hospital in the capital Rabat. (Photo by Handout / Moroccan Royal Palace / AFP)

"Moreover, some countries, including European countries, paradoxically among Morocco's traditional partners, fear for their economic interests, their markets and their spheres of influence in the Maghreb region," he added without further clarification.

Mohammed VI then wished "to found solid, constructive and balanced relations, especially with neighbouring countries," citing Spain, but also France in this speech delivered for the 68th anniversary of the Revolution of the King and the People.

Similarly, the sovereign denounced "a vast campaign of denigration against our security institutions.”

These days, the dominion became accused of the usage of the undercover agent software program Pegasus, designed with the aid of the Israeli corporation NSO, in a large investigation conducted via a consortium of 17 international media based totally on statistics acquired through the Forbidden testimonies company and Amnesty worldwide.

Rabat categorically denied "these false and unfounded allegations" and has already initiated several legal proceedings in France, Spain and Germany.


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