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Flash floods wreak havoc, displace dozens of families in Dakar

Flash floods affected the place of Keur Massar within the outskirts of the Senegalese capital, Dakar inside the beyond week. A heavy downpour has led overflow of tributaries affecting locale families.

Hundreds of households have deserted their houses following a heavy downpour. Malang Sambou is one of the affected humans who've misplaced nearly everything.

Image: Wahany Johnson Sambou

"We live this situation with difficulty because you see the state of the neighbourhoods around us. We are in the Baye Niasse neighbourhood and all the homes have almost moved. Those who have not been able to move are stuck in their home and will only be able to move after the situation improves. You can see for yourself the living conditions of these people," Malang complained.

Local news reporters established that several people left their homes and are unable to go back from the precarious conditions. Most of them cannot connect to other family members or even seek help. While waiting to be helped, Mrs. Diatta expects the worst in the coming few weeks.

She feels she is in prison given the fact that she is stuck. Mrs. Traoré has been blocked for close to a week. This has plunged her into deep grief and sorrow.

"We are here, we do not know what kind of world we are in, endless promises that are never kept. We do see government officials come here to visit, to see, to do interviews, to talk on TV, to talk on the radio. However, with all the promises they make, nothing has ever been done. They always say that there are billions that are to be released. Where are these billions? Poor parents are suffering.”

A suffering that has cultivated the soreness of the inhabitants of this district of the Senegalese capital. unluckily, for them, it's far nonetheless possibly to closing for long due to the fact the winter season has just started.


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