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Britain must break down barriers for Black people, says Johnson

The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson yesterday chose to bring to light the recent weeks’ protests taking place in different parts in the UK, declaring that many Black and ethnic minority people felt they were discriminated against, so the country had to break down barriers.

When asked if he acknowledged the fact that there was institutionalised racism within the British police, Johnson replied: “I think the issue - and it has been really highlighted by the whole Black Lives Matter campaign - is that people unquestionably feel in their lives, Black and minority ethnic groups feel that there are barriers to them and to their success”

Image credit Newsmax

“And we need to break those down. It’s still true and it’s unacceptable. And we need to do all sorts of things to tackle it,” he added.

Johnson also mentioned the fact that the UK had changed incredibly over the past decade, and that these successes should also be emphasised and spoken about.

“What we should also be doing is talking about some of the incredible success stories - the way things have changed just in the last ten years: many more Black and minority ethnic kids going to the top universities, many more young Black kids doing the top, the most difficult subjects in school and succeeding. You know, let’s start talking about some of the successes as well.”

Image credit The New York Times

“But I, in no way, minimise people’s sense of frustration and sense of discrimination - we have got to deal with it.”

Yet, he cannot truly sympathise or directly experience the suffering and needs that Black and BAME people have and still are facing.


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