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BBC’s first-ever virtual Creative Diversity Xperience to take place end of July

Image credit: Cindy Uken/Uken Report

Cynthia Eribo, Michaela Coel and a host of other talents including Clara Amfo, DJ Target and Aoifa Hinds, are set to be a part of the first-ever virtual CDX event.

Head of Creative Diversity for the BBC, Miranda Wayland, said: "I am excited about this opportunity to amplify the wealth of ethnically diverse talent within the creative industry".

The virtual experience will take place on July 28-29, says June Sarpong, the BBC's Director of Creative Diversity.

The creative diversity event targets a younger audience and will examine issues of relevance to them. A range of iconic stars, called cultural disrupters and influencers, will be brought together over six hours of live-streamed events and masterclasses over the two days.

Viewers watching the CDX event will hear from diverse leaders across the creative world including 1xtra's DJ Target with special guests, Nought and Crosses star Msali Baduza and Writer and Filmmaker Lucy Sheen, discussing issues that relate to the audience.

Music masterclasses and debates on diversity and contemporary issues such as 'Cancel Culture' are all included in the lineup. Other topics such as cultural appropriation, the power of social media, and the lack of Asian creatives in the film industry, are also allocated a slot on the virtual experience.

Sarpong has said "It is important for the BBC to be the beacon to the rest of the industry and champion Diversity and Inclusion. We have thought carefully about creating an authentic, engaging and immersive experience using innovative technology. CDX will set itself apart from what people may have seen or expect of the BBC".

A full list of headliners and schedules of the live sessions will be announced in the forthcoming weeks ahead of the event.


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