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Telling the stories that matter to us and you. Meet our writing team

Hi there,

Thank you for taking the time to read this short post and watch this very short video introducing our very special writing team at Powell and Barns Media.

My name is Marceline Powell. As founder and editor of Powell and Barns Media, and our Urban Kapital brand, I really wanted to find a way to provide opportunities for young people in media. I have always been passionate about supporting young people to achieve their potential and encourage their voice in media, politics and social activism. To this end, I created an internship where I skills match young people to particular areas within my marketing business and in the media business. The young ladies in the video below, work with me to find, create and produce quality content for you to read and watch. Every bit of support we recieve, helps provide training opportunities for young people, every paid subscription and sponsorship leads to paid work opportunities for young people, so your ongoing support is vital and appreciated more than you know.

Our writing team includes: (Top left): Marceline Powell. Editor. (Top right): Kia Fullerton, a graduate Journalist passionate about arts and entertainment. (Bottom left): Sofia Eugeniou, a Geography graduate with a passion for social affairs and environmentalism. (Bottom right): Chiara Rambaldi, an international relations student pursuing a career in the foreign office. These young ladies work with passion and dedication every day of the week to find the news stories relevant to black and multi - ethnic communities in the UK and to also tell the international stories otherwise buried or unspoken in mainstream media.

We intend to continue in our passion to build a quality news and information platform that tells our stories and celebrates our contributions and successes as black people and people from diverse cultural backgrounds around the world.

Thank you for your support and we hope you continue to enjoy the UK's only media platform representing lifestyle, news & politics, social issues, entertainment and more from our diverse black and multi-ethnic communities. Please meet the team behind our articles and opinions:

In order of appearance: Editor. Marceline Powell. UK News, Arts & Entertainment writer. Kia Fullerton. UK News, Social affairs & Environment writer, Sofia Eugeniou. International news, politics & current affairs writer, Chiara Rambaldi.

As always your feedback is most welcome.

Happy reading.


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