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Support the growth of the UK Black economy with #BlackPoundDay

Black Pound Day, happening on Saturday 27 June, is set to be a monthly event encouraging people to buy products from or book services with Black-owned businesses in the UK.

Helping the UK become more supportive of Black-owned businesses, SWISS - who rose to fame as part of So Solid Crew in the 2000s - has launched the event.

People across the UK are being asked to help the cause by preparing to buy black products and services by researching Black-owned businesses locally and online.

Image credit: The Voice

Discussing his brainchild, SWISS said: "With the recent unfortunate events I could foresee my community plunging into another cycle of historical trauma. I wanted to somehow repurpose that energy into a positive outcome. Black Pound Day was the result of that motivation".

Black Pound Day provides a solution to how we can better support the growth of the UK Black economy. Moreover, the event (which will continue on a monthly basis), acts as a direct and peaceful response to the systematic racism that continues to create inequality for black and ethnic minority communities in the UK.

The setup of Black Pound Day is in response to the death of George Floyd - murdered by a white police officer after being detained with a knee to the neck for almost 9 minutes - and the current Black Lives Matter protests.

The goal is to boost the financial growth and infrastructure of the UK Black economy, whilst simultaneously empowering and motivating black Britons.

#BlackPoundDay has gained support from a number of British celebrities, helping promote the event further. Wretch 32 and TV host Big Narstie are included in the growing number of supporters.


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