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Raheem Sterling says black people are 'tired' in powerful video message

Manchester City star: Raheem Sterling (Image credit Sky News)

England’s top Footballers released a powerful video message this week which says:

“We are tired. We are tired of no one listening. We are tired of screaming for help.

“We are tired of discrimination. We are tired of protesting. We are tired of demanding social equality.

“We are tired of demanding social inclusion. We are tired of asking for change, for a better society, for a better life.

“We are tired of seeing black men die. We are tired of saying, ‘What if it was me, falling asleep like George Floyd?’ We are tired.”

The video concludes with Sterling saying: “I will never tire of being black”.

Raheem Sterling posted the video on social media with the hashtag #timeforchange.

Sterling, and a host of England players including Jadon Sancho, Jordan Henderson, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Lucy Bronze are among a host of stars who appear in the video campaign calling for change and an end to racism and discrimination.

Former England striker Gary Lineker appears in the video with Kevin De Bruyne, former Manchester City defenders Vincent Kompany and Gael Clichy, and Bayern Munich’s David Alaba.

Earlier on Tuesday, Sterling had said “now is the time to act” on racism.

The issue has been on the worldwide agenda in recent weeks, with the Black Lives Matter movement gaining global support following the tragic death of George Floyd in America.

Racism has long been a topic in sport, particularly football, with players and coaches speaking out about racism on the pitch and more recently, about a lack of opportunity for black people.

Meanwhile the Premier League has ordered shirts with the Black Lives Matter message on the back instead of player names for the first round of matches after the restart.

Sterling told Sky Sports: “I feel like I speak for most black people, everyone is tired. With the protesting that is going on you see what is happening in America transferring to the UK.

“A lot of people have been in silence and is using this opportunity as a moment to be one and try to get not just answers but changes to society.”

Sterling has been on the receiving end of abuse from fans in England and Europe but has revealed it is not just confined to the terraces. He has spoken about team-mates making ill-judged comments in the dressing room.

“Yes, sly remarks for sure. It goes on today,” he said. “It is in a jokey way but at the same time, people have to understand if you haven’t felt it you don’t know what it means to the person you’re saying it to.

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