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Police interview Irish teenager over Ian Wright abuse

Irish teenager alleged to have sent Ian Wright racist abuse on Instagram, has handed himself into police.

Wright shared screenshots of racist messages sent to him on his social account, posting:

"I know I'm not meant to look at them but these messages still hit me so hard man. This is a child!!!

"This kid as a direct line into me & is able to send this without any worry."

Irish police confirmed on Monday evening, that a teenager had voluntarily handed himself in to authorities and was subsequently interviewed.

The Professional Footballers’ Association, said on Monday evening they have reached out to Instagram directly, calling for "fundamental changes" of policy on the platform.

Ian Wright thanked people on Twitter for their support, he said:

"Thanks everyone for your kind and supportive messages. I'm normally better at ignoring it, but that one got to me. There has be consequences. Each one teach one!! Peace and love."

Source: The Evening Standard


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