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MSDUK: free one year membership to all UK ethnic minority business

Dear Friends,

We all are going through extraordinarily challenging times that is having a lasting impact on everyone of us. To help ethnic minority entrepreneurs across the UK rebuild their businesses, get support and guidance in these challenging times and take care of their people, it is time for us at MSDUK to pay it forward.

I am delighted to announce that starting 1st April 2020, we will offer one full year membership* for FREE, worth £300+VAT, to all Ethnic Minority Businesses, giving them unlimited access to our events, business opportunities, leadership programmes, online resources and our global network. This offer will be available to both our existing certified EMBs and those ethnic minority businesses that will join us till 31st March 2021.

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Start-ups, microbusinesses and SMEs across the UK are currently going through unprecedented challenges to survive the impact of COVID-19. Issues such as losing clients, retaining employees and managing cash flow are some of the challenges these entrepreneurs are tackling daily. We at MSDUK would like to provide ethnic minority businesses across the UK with support, guidance and access to opportunities, as they struggle to survive this turbulent period.

I believe that MSDUK, as a not-for-profit organisation representing and supporting some of the most hard-working, innovative and talented ethnic minority businesses, has a moral responsibility to stand by and support them as they face this crisis. I hope this gesture will go a small way in helping all our existing members and allow many more ethnic minority businesses to join MSDUK without worrying about paying £300 towards annual membership. I would like to extend my gratitude to our Board of Directors that have whole heartedly supported this offer.


  • We will be offering one full year membership for FREE to all our existing certified EMBs  at the time of their next renewal. That means that you will not be paying the renewal fee of £300 +VAT at the time of your next renewal that falls between 1st April 2020 -31st March 2021.  You will still receive an email notification to renew your membership, update your business profile and when prompted for payment, you will need to insert the special discount code to avail 100% rebate.


  • We want more and more ethnic minority businesses to join MSDUK so that we can support them to rebuild their business. We will genuinely appreciate if you can share this email to anyone you know – let us all come together to rebuild our businesses, support people we employ and regenerate our local economies. Please encourage them to join MSDUK by registering here

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I want to reiterate here that MSDUK stands with you all to support you as your rebuild your business. I strongly believe that when one door closes, another one opens. Our corporate members are also coming forward with their wholehearted commitment to supplier inclusion; many are offering FREE access to business intelligence, legal and technical support as well as committing to prompt payment guidelines set up by the government.  These extraordinary times have seen extraordinary community spirit and together as a community, we will be working with and supporting each other to overcome these difficult times.

Stay safe and look after yourself,


Source: MSDUK News


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