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Let's celebrate UK Black owned skincare brands

Skincare has been around for years with big brands like Neutrogena, Nivea, Olay and Clinique creating many products for a variety of purposes such as anti-aging, reducing fine lines, hydration, tackling hyperpigmentation and sun protection.

With the lockdowns that came about during the course of the pandemic self-care and skincare became very important for many and making health and personal wellbeing a top priority was an emerging trend that continues.

With brands such as 'The Ordinary', gaining more and more sales. According to an article by Indigo Digital the brand brought in $330 million in 2019 when the pandemic first reached its peak. Social media was thriving throughout the pandemic, with brands taking advantage of a captive beauty audience.

For many people especially the tech savvy teenagers, social platforms like TikTok and Instagram were welcomed distractions and that fed into the emerging skincare trend.

Another “trend” that coincided with the pandemic was the Black Lives Matter movement after the unsolicited police brutality turned fatality against the late George Floyd. The injustice undoubtedly stirred up unrest as these situations do - not just in the US but also worldwide.

People had more time on their hands than ever before to show their support and protest for justice.

To show support people started to look for brands that showcased diversity or were black owned. Black owned brands of all kinds finally had their moment of notoriety but as expected the moment passed and as did the support for the BLM movement.

However, people did endeavour to remain endorsing black owned businesses of all kinds nevertheless that support has again dissipated now that the new normal is restored.

One black owned business making its mark is Soul Nuah Soapery a business creating products that are sustainable, eco-friendly and cruelty free.

The business is run by a young black woman and she has really made her mark in Nottingham after setting up a market stool in the city’s Market Square back in March of this year.

The products are fee from parabens and SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) chemicals found in most skincare products and detergents that can be harmful to the skin causing irritation, dryness and even allergic reactions. Having brought some of the items I myself know first-hand that the products are some of the most natural I have come across. The soaps are handmade and the products are fragranced with essential oils.

After buying form this brand and trying the products first hand I can vouch for this company. The shower and bath bombs smell incredible. Everything is made with natural ingredients and anything fragranced is scented with essential oils no harmful additives or chemicals.

When approaching the products, a woman who was also purchasing from the stand who just so happened to be a regular customer of the soapery told me a story about how the natural body butter helped her son's severe eczema to clear up better than any other store-bought ointment.

I was sold from that moment and in turn bought some gifts as a treat for my mother.

Soul Nuah Soapery is “suitable for everyone”, ethical and eco-friendly.

The packaging of the products is made of cardboard so it is completely recyclable and with a range of products there really is something to suit everyone from bath bombs to clay masks and shampoo bars.

The products are also extremely affordable. So, if there is any black owned UK founded brand to support it is this one.


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