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Jamaican Government turns to the Diaspora for help tackling COVID 19

The Ministry of Health and Wellness (MOHW) Jamaica, is requesting support from the UK Diaspora to assist in the procurement of medical equipment to help fight COVID-19.

With the advent of the 3rd-Wave in mid-July 2021, due to the arrival of the Delta variant, Jamaica saw more severe cases demonstrated by the increased hospitalisation. This resulted in hospitals reaching maximum capacity and increased the need for more medical equipment and supplies to treat patients.

Whilst the positivity rate as of Nov 2, 2021 has moderated to 7.7% the situation continues to be dire given the challenge with the low level of vaccine uptake that reflects a fully vaccination rate of only 13.2% of the population.

As such, the threat of hospitals exceeding capacity is still grave with the very likely onset of another surge in COVID-19 cases of the new variant.

The funds raised through The Jarrett Foundation COVID-19 Oxygen Equipment Appeal will help to purchase much-needed medical equipment and supplies and will definitely assist the country to better manage through this heightened phase of the crisis. It will also help to strengthen the public health system in a more sustainable manner in the aftermath.

The hospitals need:

2,000 High Flow Nasal Cannula Machines £7,200 each

100 Oxygen Concentrators

£1,700 each

The Ministry of Health and Wellness would like to thank the UK Diaspora for our continued generous support.

For further information contact:

Dr Pearl Jarrett CEO & Disruptive Changemaker

The Jarrett Foundation



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