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Did black British voters impact the election?

What did people say they really wanted to get out of the General Election?

From the recent interviews carried out by an Urban Kapital researcher in Nottingham and nearby, all our interviewees firmly believed that it was essential to go out and vote, in order to have a say in present and future issues.

But what do Black people really feel about the country we are living in today?

One 19-year-old woman, Marsha (Not her real name) asserted that it is time to have more diversity within the highest level of politics, therefore “it is important to be educated in politics”.

It’s her first time voting, and Marsha is very excited because as a young person it’s her first time to have a say in what’s happening in the country.

“It’s important for people to be educated about the

political parties and generally about politics”. Says Marsha.

She is not willing to say who she was going to vote for.

But tells us she thinks that we need more diversity in the government so that black people can be represented.

See what our other interviewees said and how they feel about British politics.

Read the article in Urban Kapital Magazine

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