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Congolese lawmakers seek to amend marriage law on dowry, polygamy

A draft regulation that seeks to amend a 1987 Congolese law concerning the price of dowry, and matters of polygamy has whipped up a typhoon in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The proposed regulation become tabled in parliament by means of an MP referred to as Daniel Mbau in June. The lawmaker desires articles inside the DRC's circle of relatives’ code amended to set a limit on the quantity of cash a person searching for to marry a woman must pay as dowry.

He has proposed $200 for people living in rural areas and $500 dollars for those in urban areas.

Currently a few dad and mom inside the capital Kinshasa call for between three to five thousand bucks as bride fee for their daughters.

The parent can cross better depending at the girl's level of training. The MP says the Congolese lifestyle of paying dowry has been so commercialized that it has all started developing issues in society.

Image: Chris Ocamringa \ Africanews

However, many Congolese say there’s no cause to change the lifestyle.

"The payment of dowry is supposed to be symbolic - not a commercial affair. In the past, our parents used to pay for a sack of salt and that was all. But today, some parents are asking for so much. I attended a ceremony where a parent asked for an air ticket," Remi Mulingati revealed.

A few Congolese were of assorted critiques. They felt that matters referring to marriage and dowry had been off-restrict to legislation.

"How can we legislate matters of paying dowry? It's supposed to be a gift. When my parents and I visited the family of my fiancée, they didn't tag a price because marriage is not a trade. All they asked for was a symbolic gift in accordance with our culture," Remi added.

"I feel honored that my fiancé visited my family and paid the dowry. He paid much more than the 500 dollars that the MP wants to be the maximum amount that men should pay. My parents and I feel very honored," Winnie Imana revealed.

The MP has additionally proposed the criminalization of polygamy - an exercise that has been performed by some Congolese tribes for hundreds of years.


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