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Brand Africa hopes to regenerate cash on the Continent after $38 billion lost to Covid

Traveling the world seems to be everyone’s dream. But currently; going on a solo trip, rekindling with friends or exploring a foreign land with the promise of adventure feels like a lifetime away.

The Covid-19 pandemic presented the world with some of the greatest challenges including an abrupt halt to the tourism industry. With an estimated one in four new jobs generated through the travel sector, many economies have been severely impacted. But… is this almost over?

Since the pandemic, the United Nations predicted that African countries lost an estimated $38 billion pounds, and around 7.2 million jobs.

For some countries, the pandemic has proved a starting point for technological advancements within the industry itself. Many countries have offered virtual safaris, adventure tourism (like virtual bungee jumps), and sightseeing experiences. This, although promising as a short-term solution, can also be problematic as not all countries have secure access to the internet, and the money generated does not compare to the amount physical tourism would. The aim behind this is to promote wanderlust and, in the hopes, that once the pandemic is over, people would be encouraged to visit.

Brand Africa’ seems hopeful and can prove a beneficial way to help the continent regenerate finances lost but this will need to be a steady process

The advocacy of ‘Brand Africa’ comprises African Member States of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation who intend to pave a new way for tourism. This will be keeping in line with sustainability agreements and promote innovation and industrialisation within the countries themselves.

The travel trends have been rapidly changing over the last decade, with less-developed countries in particular noting the importance which marketing can have to entice people to come to Africa. This can be fractured through the mass media’s coverage which tends to take a more biased view when discussing countries in development.

‘Brand Africa’ seems hopeful and can prove a beneficial way to help the continent regenerate finances lost but this will need to be a steady process. Some countries like Egypt have dropped their requirement for a negative Covid-19 test to enter the country for anyone who has proof of having vaccinations. Despite vaccinations being promising for the sector, it could be better as a longer-term solution as health considerations are still fragile with mutations occurring.

So, what does this all mean? Presently much like the use of technology, propositions for the promotion of domestic tourism is a first step in the road map to recovery. This supports an understanding that in order to save local economies, countries all around the World will need to look inside their borders first and encourage people to refrain from going abroad just yet.

Secondly, the finances generated from domestic travel will then be helpful to assist with any developments necessary, and finally international travel will then be used as the final step to help create a travel boom.

A side note to mention is through the generation of a travel influx, this can help create new partnerships, tourism visas and international partnerships which can enable this to happen.

Even though things are looking a little bleak at the moment, the end may be in sight! And with this ending, comes a bright and exiting new beginning for African travel!


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