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Berbatov says: Racist Bulgarian fans should be banned for life

The Premier League is hoping its two-week awareness campaign will encourage fans to be more proactive in reporting offensive language and abuse.​

CCTV coverage at grounds and body-worn cameras will be deployed more widely at clubs to track down culprits. Footballing bodies have also been holding meetings with Twitter in a bid to increase security against racist trolls.​ But some players say they should go further, responding to the recent appalling behaviour of some Bulgarian fans, Dimitar Berbatov says; Bulgaria fans who abused England brought shame on all of us - they should be banned for life.

Dimitar Berbatov says he feels "very ashamed" after England players were subjected to the racist abuse from Bulgaria fans.

Six people were arrested, and the president of the Bulgarian Football Union, Borislav Mihaylov, has resigned.



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