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Bangui men go beyond gender barrier, thrive on beauty industry

In the Central African Republic, a rare profession is cropping up among the least expected group of people.

A group of men is thriving through the lucrative manicure business.

In spite of being touted as a profession that attracts in particular women, this institution of guys led via Debonheur Koli reveals it worth.

"Here in Bangui, women are not interested in manicure work, so the men do it. In the beginning, it was a job done by the Congolese and they were itinerant, which was not easy for the women, and it has remained so," Debonheur revealed.

Debonheur Koli tends to a customer in his shop in Bangui on July 14, 2021. Image: Oduor, Michael/AFP

Even his customers can attest to his abilities. similar to Debonheur, those men have handed the gender stereotype. Their skills and enjoy had been touted as the satisfactory in Bangui.

" He does false nails well. When he puts them on, everywhere you go, people ask you: 'Who put these on you? Where did you do this?' That's why I like coming to Debonheur," a client said.

Men in Bangui and other regions in the Central African Republic have resorted to unique forms of labor. Bangui has faced many years of civil wars and unemployment stands at near 70 percent


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