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Accra tells President to protect their forests and water

Ahead of World Forest Day, which fell on Saturday 21st March, Eco-Conscious Citizens GH delivered a letter to the Chief Executive of the Forestry Commission in Accra, asking the Forestry Commission to protect our forests and waters. They asked the Chief Executive to indicate the challenges they face, so we can work together to protect our forests from further devastation. Eco-Conscious Citizens GH co-ordinator Awula Serwah said: “The vision of the Forestry Commission is to 'Leave future generations and their communities with richer, better, more valuable forests and wildlife endowments than we inherited'. This will not happen if we continue destroying our forest reserves.” It is of concern that the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) has warned that should the illegal mining menace persist in the Western Region, residents will not have treated water running through their taps! We have to: act now to protect our forests and waters.

Eco-Conscious Citizens GH urged the Forestry Commission to:

1. Protect our forests from illegal mining and logging.

2. Protect Atewa Forest Reserve from bauxite mining.

3. Stop entry permits from being issued to gold speculators who destroy our forest reserves.

The President of Ghana has asked us to be active citizens and not spectators, and section 41(k) of the 1992 Constitution states that: “ shall be the duty of every citizen to protect and safeguard the environment.”

To follow the movement search: #ProtectOurForestsAndWaters

World Forest Day is inspired by UN's International Day of Forests:


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